Read, read, read, read, read, read, read...– Werner Herzog

Motion & Stills

Motion & Stills

  • Thumbnail for Red Fire Farm Video

    Motion // Nourished By New England

  • Thumbnail for New England Aikikai

    Stills // New England Aikikai

  • Thumbnail for Wondersmith Audio Video

    Motion // Wondersmith Audio

  • Thumbnail for Mass Art (Rm. 617)

    Stills // Mass Art (Rm. 617)

  • Thumbnail for CHNA 17 Video

    Motion // CHNA 17

  • Thumbnail for Riverhill Farm

    Stills // Riverhill Farm

  • Thumbnail for Exodus Bagels

    Stills // Exodus Bagels

  • Thumbnail for El Ejido

    Stills // El Ejido

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We offer a full range of services for photo and video production, for both documentary and narrative projects. We also work on impact campaigns and can help with digital marketing to ensure your hard work gets noticed.

  • Production

    Full Service Pre-Production, Script Development, Screenwriting, Cinematography and Still Photography.

  • Post-Production

    Editing, Color Correction and Grading, Audio Mixing, and Encoding.

  • Impact Campaigns

    Strategy, Budget Development, Relationship Building, Screenings, and Promotional Events.

  • Digital Marketing

    Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Strategy & Management.

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