Color & Finishing

Emigre combines your vision with our experience to produce stunning results. Color grading for documentary, independent film, broadcast, music videos, and more. We're looking forward to collaborating on your next project.

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From the Outset or the Home Stretch

We build workflows that keep your project flowing from the first clapboard to the final cut. No matter the project a solid color pipeline is key and the earlier it's designed and implemented the better, whether that involves matching cameras, developing custom LUTs, or advising on workflow. Already have a beloved DIT that handles all that? Or just want to hand off your files at the end of the edit? We're good with that, too. Either way you'll get the same expertise and creative attention we apply to every project.

Recent Work

Examples of recent color work taken from longer projects we've been working on, or derived from look tests we've prepared for clients. Our goal is to keep your principal photography as the star, and build our grades to support your decisions on set. That said, if you want to take things in other directions, we're ready to go there with you.

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SDR? HDR? Both?

We understand that SDR deliverables are still the foundation of most content produced today — it's very much our bread and butter. But we also understand the importance of HDR and the potential it has to fill your images with incredible depths of color and light. Beyond all the technical jargon that surrounds HDR there's a potent tool that can move your story forward in exciting ways. And the best thing is, you don't have to choose one over the other. We can create deliverables for both SDR and HDR using the same content, tailored to whatever requirements you need.

Our lead colorist is a Dolby Certified Professional.
We employ industry-grade hardware calibrated accordingly.

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